TravelMusings Lives!

I’m tickled pink to report that TravelMuse has decided to revive its blog, TravelMusings.

It was a labor of painful love for me while I was on staff there, as the initial software we used for the blog was less-than-easy to work with, shall we say. A much-appreciated upgrade came along the day before it was announced that the company would no longer be adding new articles or blog posts. What timing!

Thankfully, the decision to kill the blog was reversed last week, and I’ve been asked to be a regular contributor. I’ll be writing three days a week (most weeks). Here are links to my recent posts:

July 27: Electronics Conundrum: To Mini or Not to Mini
July 29: Airline Deals for End-of-Summer and Fall Sales
July 31: New Seven Wonders of Nature

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  1. mrs chicken says:

    Loved your John Hughes post. And the new look and feel over there is much more pleasant than the old template. Good for you!

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