Article Roundup: TravelMusings and Incentive

I am loving the part-time work situation, something I haven’t been able to enjoy for nearly eight years. (Although with all the personal items I’ve had to take care of due to neglect from overwork for the better part of the past four years, I don’t have nearly as much downtime as one would imagine.)

Still, I’ve managed to pick up a few gigs. As noted previously, I’m blogging again for TravelMusings and writing short pieces as well for Incentive, where I worked prior to TravelMuse. Here are links to a few recent posts and articles:

Lamb koftas

Falafel and Salad


Bringing Middle Eastern Street Food Into the Kitchen

Hot on the heels of my Israel trip in March, the Culinary Institute of America (CIA) outpost in Napa Valley offered a one-day class on how to make Middle Eastern street foods. I signed up immediately, and the $75 half-day class was one of the best cooking lessons I’ve ever taken. Read more

Texas Roadhouse Awarded First Incentive Travel Award at IMA Summit

The motivation behind creating the award by the Incentive Travel Council—the newest of IMA’s strategic industry groups—was the “AIG affect” stemming from the media and public outcry last October when it was reported that AIG, which had just received government bailout money, spent nearly $450,000 on an incentive program at the St. Regis Monarch Beach in California.

Roadhouse, with more than 300 restaurants in 46 states, publicly supported incentive travel rewards not only by going ahead and holding its planned five-day program for 1,000 employees and their spouses in San Francisco at a time when businesses all over the country were canceling incentive and meeting travel, but also by having its CEO G.J. Hart appear on CNBC to defend his decision to do so. Read more

Remembering John Hughes

I was shocked and saddened by the news yesterday that film director John Hughes had died. Hughes and Chicago are forever linked, as the city and its suburbs serve as the location for many of his films. How could you not love a guy who created the best soundtracks of the era, with The Psychedelic Furs, The Thompson Twins, Oingo Boingo, Simple Minds, The Vapors, The Divinyls and Yello? New Wave at its finest. Read more

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