Travel Through Smell

Wishing I were back in Southeast Asia, sleeping in my hammock on an island beach along the Andaman Sea, the book I’m currently reading—Dr. Kookie, You’re Right!, Mike Royko’s still-hilarious collection of essays from the 1980s—face-down atop my stomach.

On the subway this morning, a woman who sat next to me smelled of Nivea Sun. The lotion became my sunscreen of choice when I lived in Southeast Asia 10 years ago, and to this day, whenever I smell it, it puts me right back there. It isn’t available in the United States (at least I can’t find it anywhere), so I stock up whenever I’m in Asia.

I got home, rubbed a dab of the stuff I picked up on my jaunt to Singapore earlier this month on the back of my hands, closed my eyes, and voila! I’m in Thailand, warm sun on my skin, a smile on my face.

What scents/aromas take you back to a favorite destination?

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