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Here are a few of the articles and blog posts I’ve written lately for other outlets. More on the way in the coming weeks.

Three Hot New Chicago Restaurants — TravelMusings

Xoco chocolateIn addition to Singapore, which I wrote about last week, Chicago is another great dining destination—I’m not saying that merely because it’s my hometown. You can get not only fantastic casual (pizza, sausages), ethnic (Mexican, Thai), and traditional (steakhouse, diner) meals there, but also some of the best fine-dining in the country, from the legendary Charlie Trotter (Charlie Trotter’s) to the innovative Grant Achatz (Alinea).

On my recent return visit, there were three new places both friends and strangers consistently mentioned: Xoco, Terzo Piano and Nightwood. Read more

Marina Bay Sands in Singapore Adds Boulud, Batali, Puck and 3 More Top Chefs — TravelMusings

Sands SkyParkThe Marina Bay Sands in Singapore has signed on six of the world’s best (and most famous) chefs to open restaurants in the new mega-resort, which is slated to open next year. Daniel Boulud, whose New York restaurant Daniel recently earned three Michelin stars, announced his participation yesterday. The remaining five chefs announced today include two more Americans, Mario Batali (New York) and Wolfgang Puck (Los Angeles), along with Santi Santamaria (Barcelona), Guy Savoy (Paris) and Tetsuya Wakuda (Sydney).

It’s a real coup to have three of the six chefs from the United States. As Boulud—who, yes, is from France, but has more than half of his 10 restaurants in the United States—noted during a press luncheon yesterday, “Before, only French chefs had the chance to travel to work outside their country. Today, we’re seeing more U.S. chefs have that opportunity, which means we just keep getting better.” Great news for food lovers the world over. Read more (A meetings version of this piece also appeared in Incentive.)

Incentive Federation Sends Delegation to Capitol Hill to Promote Wellness ProgramsIncentive magazine

A team of Incentive Federation members, led by executive director George Delta, descended on Washington, DC, on Tuesday Oct. 20, to help convince members of congress that wellness incentives must be part of health care reform.

The contingent’s goals were to give a voice to the industry and educate people on Capitol Hill about incentive programs, to demonstrate how safety and wellness programs can be used to improve the health of the American workforce, and to support a measure as part of the health care reform bill to make tangible personal-property wellness awards—such as weight-loss or smoking-cessation programs—valued at up to $400 for each employee nontaxable to the employee and deductible to the employer. Read more

New Samsung DualView Digital Camera Puts You in the PictureIncentive magazine

TL220_F_LCD5_R_USNever again take dozens of photos trying to capture a self-portrait, only to realize most of your photos have bad angles or miss your intended subjects completely. With the new Samsung DualView Digital Camera you end up in the picture—every time.

How is this possible? With a 1.5-inch front LCD screen, an exciting new feature in digital camera technology. The Samsung DualView Digital Camera TL220 lets you see every scene before you snap the picture. The front screen also can help capture a child’s attention with its built-in animation (a cartoon clown), displayed when the camera is in child mode. Read more

Sony Unveils 3 New VAIO PCsIncentive magazine

VAIO X GoldSony Electronics is rolling out three new VAIO notebooks—all preinstalled with the new Microsoft Windows 7.0 operating system—giving users lighter machines, touch-screen capabilities, and built-in Blu-ray technology for high-definition, multimedia viewing on their portable PC screens.

The products will be available beginning in early November online at Sony Premium and Incentive Sales. Here’s a look at the new items. Read more

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