2009: The Year in Travel

The only resolution I made when 2009 began was to get out on the road more than I had in 2007 and 2008. I’m happy to report my wish came true, in more ways than one.

Aside from my monthly NY/SF commute, I also enjoyed trips to Miami, Israel, Montreal, Cleveland, Philadelphia (twice), China, Singapore, Chicago, Mexico and Los Angeles. And with a bit of creative flying at the end of this year, I also managed to attain platinum status on American Airlines for the first time, which I plan to enjoy on many future flights in 2010.

My final trip of 2009: Chilling on Venice Beach, Calif., New Year's Eve.

My final trip of 2009: Chilling on Venice Beach, Calif., New Year's Eve.

People who travel regularly, especially for business, often complain that they’d prefer more ground time at home. Not me. I’m never more excited than when I have a new trip on the horizon and a suitcase packed and ready to head out the door, whether for work or for pleasure. Unfortunately, the year ended with yet another terrorist attempt to down a plane (thankfully thwarted), which means there will be increased travel and security hassles for most of us for the foreseeable future.

I think most individuals, however, realize that the risks of any successful incident are low, and that they won’t be deterred from following through with intended travel plans in the coming year. The hospitality industry has been hard hit enough with the recession that we’re finally pulling out of. Here’s hoping anyway.

So whether you’re a road warrior, weekend explorer or occasional traveler, I wish you safe, wonderful journeys in the New Year. And my resolution for 2010? To update this blog on a more regular basis with details about my travel adventures.

Happy trails!

(p.s. And a big THANK YOU to any readers who contributed to this year’s Passports With Purpose fundraiser to build a school in Cambodia. Its goal was not only met but also exceeded by nearly $1,000. Bravo!)

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