Mario Embraces Meatless Mondays, and Helps Me Snag a New Clip

I learned of the Meatless Monday movement last week when it sent out a press release announcing that chef Mario Batali, notable lover of meat and owner of several meat-centric restaurants, including Babbo—where I savored the best pork chop of my life many years ago—was signing on to highlight veggies at all 14 of his joints across the country.

I pitched the idea to, a new Manhattan-focused online news site, and they loved it. Of course, what I submitted and what was published look like two different articles, especially since the editors chose to highlight the reference to Batali’s recent funny quote in The New Yorker dismissing vegetables that I had kept near the bottom of the piece, and mentioned only once. Here’s what they ran, which is a more succinct version of the story:

Mario Batali, Meat’s Best Friend, Highlights Veggies on Monday Menus in Restaurant Empire

The celebrity restaurateur will offer vegetarian specials at his Manhattan eateries in Meatless Monday program.

MANHATTAN — Celebrity restaurateur Mario Batali, who was quoted recently in The New Yorker saying he didn’t want to eat “any f**kin’ vegetables,” is going vegetarian. Sorta.

Starting this week all Batali restaurants, including the seven in Manhattan, will feature special “meatless” dishes on their menus every Monday, as part of a nonprofit initiative called “Meatless Monday.” The New York City-based initiative is designed to encourage people around the globe to eat healthier.

“It’s a real commitment on Mario’s part,” said Chris Elam, program manager for The Monday Campaigns, which runs Meatless Monday in association with the Bloomberg School of Public Health at Johns Hopkins. (Read more …)

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