Sensual Spa Retreat at the Mayflower Inn in CT

I’m glad I have friends who have friends who are well connected.

Last week that bit of luck (coupled with my being in the travel industry) landed me at the luxurious and historic Mayflower Inn & Spa in Washington, CT, for an overnight stay that included meals, access to the spa facilities, a spa treatment and unlimited group classes in the fitness center.

Mayflower Cottage and Stone Path

Room 435

I had wanted to visit this New England resort ever since it added the award-winning spa to its property, which is nestled amid a 58-acre estate in Connecticut’s “wilderness” and has just 30 rooms and suites in the main building or in nearby cottages. Each room is individually decorated and features fluffy beds so high some require a footstool to mount.

It was worth the wait.

The meals are amazing, the rooms completely comfortable, there are snow shoes available for hike-minded guests, the service is impeccable, and the classes offered in the gym aren’t your typical light-weight fare—they nearly knocked me out … in a good way.

The main highlight, however, is the spa.

The Mayflower Inn’s 20,000-square-foot spa is located at the far end of the property, down a slate path past the pool and a garden maze (visible after the snow melts), and is one of the most relaxing spa facilities I’ve experienced—and I’ve been to dozens of top spas around the world. Large, clean-lined open spaces, sensuous fabrics, pool, Jacuzzi and steam rooms, relaxing music, appealing art and art books, large windows, and the light and white colors that somehow seem to bring the outside environment inside.

The Pool at Night

Mayflower Spa Relaxation Room (Credit: Mayflower Inn)

I opted for a basic massage, and Christopher obliged with what turned out to be a healing treatment for me: deep pressure throughout, but particularly along the meridians and key points where I was in the most pain (neck, lower back and thighs—the symptoms of sitting at a computer too many hours each day).

After an hour not only were all my knots dissipated, but also for the first time in two months I could walk without pain in my legs and the stress usually pressing down through my shoulders and chest was gone. I was rejuvenated!

I sauntered to the relaxation room and melted into what could arguably be the most comfortable chairs ever, covered in silky soft towels and blankets with big fluffy pillow and facing floor to ceiling windows that look out over the Connecticut forest and hillside outside. Sunset came and went, as did deer. I never wanted to move again.

Water, tea and nuts packaged in pocket-sized zip-lock bags are available. The organic Red Flower product line is available in both the spa and guest rooms.

Most treatments are priced from $165 to $265 and include body work, water therapies, scrubs, wraps, facials—the usual. Only they’re better than usual, as noted by the multiple awards the spa has won its last five years, including claiming the No. 2 ranking for favorite hotel spa as voted by more than 25,000 Condé Nast Traveler readers.

But don’t just trust me or others, go experience the serenity for yourself. The Mayflower is just two hours from New York City by car, and my friend Fernando at Crimson Concierge has a limited number of rooms available for the weekend of March 4, 2011 for just $299 per night. Rooms usually start at $550 per night. Leave a comment or e-mail me for more details on how to snag this great deal—unless I give in to temptation and book them for myself!

The Library

Smoked Salmon at Breakfast

N.B. I was a guest of the Mayflower Inn and Spa for my overnight stay, but the opinions in this post are my own.

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