Just Another Day in Downtown Brooklyn

If I hadn’t made a wrong turn out of the bank this evening, I wouldn’t have captured this lovely pile of trash burning out of control.

Just standing across the street, no concern for the growing flames.

The second video is short and shaky. The ashes and flaming debris being blown toward me and few other spectators coupled with items starting to “pop” prompted a hasty retreat.

As audible in the second video, New York’s Bravest finally arrived on the scene.

I love how nonchalantly people—including a dad and his kid—just walk on by and barely give the swirling flames a passing glance.

Only in Brooklyn.

(N.B. I’ve input all three videos in this post exactly the same way. At the time of publishing, only the third one appeared correctly; the first two you have to use the link to Youtube. Am about to get on a 20-hour flight to Taipei though, so who knows whether the third one will still work by the time I land…)

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