And We’re Back…Again

After a long dry spell, I’ll be posting on Prepare for CrossCheck again.  I know, I know—I’ve made that promise before. But this time I mean it.

My recent absence was thanks to a busy full-time gig at for the better part of 2012. The new travel site launched on October 1, and I’m happy to say that much of the content from my former employer TravelMuse was migrated and is available on the website. (In 2010, Travora, when it was still known as Travel Ad Network, purchased TravelMuse.) But there’s lots of new content on the site too, and worth checking out.

While I was ecstatic to have full-time work again, it kept me from traveling. I hadn’t left the country for more than an entire year—the last time that happened was more than 20 years ago.  Never again will I let that much time elapse before crossing country borders.

To make up for it, I’ve recently embarked on an extended trip to Southeast Asia. Those who know me know that this is my favorite place in the world. I spent close to a year traveling through the region 13 years ago and longed to return for another extended stay.

Plans with my friend Sandra from Chicago for a three-week vacation in Cambodia, where I am now, had been on our calendars for close to a year. With winter approaching and me newly unemployed, I decided to make now the time for that to happen. I don’t know how long I’ll be on the road, but I planned for up to six months.

It was time to downsize. Here’s what I anticipate I might need for six months on the road.

Here’s a shot of what I think I’ll need for that time—I managed to fit it into the backpack and daypack off to the left, and it’s about twice as much as I brought last time. I’m sure I’ll end up giving away or pitching about a third by the time Sandra returns home in early December. If not, at least my arms will once again get back into shape carrying this load around.

OK, am off to rediscover Phnom Penh, a place I last visited in April 2000. I hope you’ll enjoy sharing this journey with me. (I’ll also be playing with different theme styles and types of coverage, so bear with me as this site becomes a work-in-progress.)

Happy travels!

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