5 Warm-Weather Escapes and Winter Travel Tips

After a rather long absence from any kind of travel writing — both from here and regular publications — DNAinfo published two articles of mine this week related to getting out of town.

St John - Beach

Paradise in St. John. Photo credit: St. John/US Virgin Islands – Facebook

5 Warm-Weather Getaways from New York City

I hate winter. With a passion. I get cold if the temperature drops below 80 degrees Fahrenheit, and if I never see snow again it will be too soon. Luckily, it’s easy — and affordable — to escape New York’s winter chill. Whether you picture yourself swinging in a hammock on a beach, savoring food and fun in a southern city, or exploring historic ruins, these five destinations will get you started on planning that winter escape.

Tips and Deals for Winter Travel Out of New York City

Whether hitting the slopes or heading to the beach, here are 15 tips for getting out of town this season. Be sure to check out the article’s accompanying slideshow for winter deals and discounts!

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